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Tripada Singapore Internationalé School (TSI) is an initiative of Tripada Foundation, widely also known as Tripada Parivar, and this venture is established with a focused dedication to provide holistic learning and moulding the young learners into independent individuals. We believe that education is a continuous life long process that has to be developmental and keep pace with the changing times. We are firmly committed to the objectives of developing “self-learning” which in turn brings about the process of “life-long learning”.

You want to be assured that your child gets the best education, in which your child is immersed in the essence of inquiry and takes the responsibility of its own learning.We at TSI give students such environment. Also we focus more on the concept clarity which helps our students to perform better in practical life.

Here education is based on an approach which caters to the holistic development of the child. We do not have boundaries set for the students, we are a school with a blend of performing arts and languages, a blend of geography and physics and many more such interesting and essential blend of subject.

Philosophy :

The School focuses on core academic subjects –the foundation of a well grounded Education System with No Child Left Behind (NCLB) as basis of our philosophy though its International Curriculum and Learning Skills like Information and Media Skills, Visual Literacy, Communication Skills, Critical Thinking Skills , Problem Solving, Creative and Innovating Skills, Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills, Adaptability , Ethical behaviour, Accountability, Leadership and Entrepreneur Skills.