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The TSI team consists of a versatile, mature multi tasking faculty, ably supported by a dedicated logistic Manager, School Counselor, Admission Manager, Librarian and Ancillary staff.

The Faculty undergoes rigorous training for International Boards, augmenting International pedagogy into their own fields. This is the DNA of the school and each faculty is provided with an elaborate KPA.

Every year the faculty updates themselves through In house trainings, refresher courses and workshops, webinar and video- conferencing, online and face to face certification. To make students make meaningful connections Teachers at TSI are trained to create 21st Century context for Learning by

  • -- making content relevant to students’ lives
  • -- bringing the world into the classroom
  • -- taking students out into the world
  • -- creating opportunities for interactive authentic learning experience
The following organizational chart identifies the TSI structure and the table below expemplifies this.