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Teaching Methodology

Tripada Singapore Internationalé School has a unique identity to fulfill the need of education for every query it receives. Our students benefit from an enriching and challenging education as they follow a broad and balanced programme based on the NCERT and Gujarat Secondary Education Board (GSEB) curriculum within our welcoming and caring atmosphere, every person is respected as an individual with his or her unique strength they carry.

Teaching Methodology with Tripada Singapore Internationalé School lies in creating interactive and entertaining environment that stimulates the desire to be inquisitive and learn new skills and concepts. We practice student-centered approach and enriched activities that develop curiosity and thinking skills. The techniques used for teaching smoothens the learning process, makes the environment lively for students to learn. The pedagogy with Tripada Singapore Internationalé School lays in its values, here educator, learner and parent together forms the Tripada Parivar.

Value Based Education :

Specially evolved VBE for increasing SQ(Spiritual Quotient) rendering exposure to human values as well as the best of spiritual scriptures thought the world will be introduced through round-table conference every month.

Subject-Room Concept : In order to motivate true learning environment, subject-rooms with minimum students-teacher ratio will be fully equipped with the best learning equipments like A.V. Room, Mathematics Lab, Library, Computer Labs , Music / Dance Room etc.

Methods of Teaching

  1. Chalk & Talk Method :
  2. Presentation ( By PPT, Audio, Visual, Demonstration etc :
  3. Science Experiments :
  4. Project Work/ Worksheet :
  5. Educational Visit / Fieldtrip :
  6. Group Discussions / Debate/ Inter class competitions on different .subjects
  7. Different Activities & events celebration :
  8. Theatre in Education concept :


At Tripada Singapore Internationalé School, our primary school teaching methodology is delivered as an extension of pre-primary, focusing on all the developmental areas of the child. The methodology includes the well structured learning and play with students. Our Primary section till grade two caters the mother concept. The curriculum expands their horizons and improves the imagination and curiosity of the child.

The focus is on developing the basic concepts in core subjects like English, mathematics, sciences, art, music and physical education through cultural activities, projects, and work-sheets and educational field trips.