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To support a healthy learning environment, Tripada Singapore International School has an in house expert in counseling and psychology. Complete support and guidance is given to all the students individually by which parents and teachers get holistic understanding of the progress in the child.

We at TSI understand that every child is unique and they have different ways of learning, also they face certain challenges during their journey of education. For proper direction and help we have categorized the needs of students widely in three kinds:

  1. Students facing learning/writing difficulty
  2. Student needing extra support to excel in a particular area
  3. Students with behavioral challenges

Continuous observation is carried out by the counselor and if any major issue is seen, it is reported to the parent and a session is given to them in order to give the student a 360’ supportive environment.

Our teachers and counselor also visit the student’s house once in the academic year to see the house environment and the student’s behavior there in.

*Any type of in-disciplinary act by the student is first addressed by the counselor, before any sort of punishment is sanctioned.